Brainstorm Lead Generation


Brainstorm Lead Generation Services

Lead generation is generally known as Lead-gen in the marketing arena. It is an attempt to create prospective consumers and create interest among them in the business organization’s products, solutions, services, initiatives, operations, and so on.

Leads generation can be done in many ways as follows:

  • Creating the prospective customer list
  • Conducting e-newsletter / e-mail drives
  • Improving the market-centric consumer database
  • Researching and strategizing many business policies according to consumer behavior in the target marketplace

As part of our marketing services, we create leads for the client’s interests in terms of consumers’ contact details, demographic profiles, buying, and selling preferences. We create leads in two of the major streams of sales leads and marketing leads.

Sales Leads

We produce sales leads based on demographic data like age groups, income ranges, household income earnings usage of credit cards, and so on. These leads are useful for various advertising efforts and organizations. Typically each of these selling points to follow up using phone calls by telemarketing executives separately. These signs are normally used in verticals such as insurance, finance, banking, telecommunications, finance, and so on.

Marketing Leads

We produce Marketing leads to brand-centric information that is fully customized. These leads support consumers in mapping their services, products, and support initiatives with their target customers in an effective manner. In our Lead generation process we understand the IGCPE (Ideate, Generate, Communicate, Promote, and Escalate) model:


We analyze the market and competition for the client’s interests and services and accordingly initiate various market-centric lead generation concepts to help customers to accomplish business competitiveness.


We grow up with and generate detailed leads according to various sales and marketing requirements of the consumers. This lead generation is done using marketing intrinsic parts to support customers to optimize their efforts in promoting their services.


We provide an extended list of communication tools with which we communicate our leads with the clients and support them in their marketing communication efforts.


We support our clients in designing and preparing promotional campaigns with the help of generated leads in their sales and marketing efforts. We also assist them in executing these promotional campaigns to get reaping business results.


We allow our customers to execute promotional campaigns and elevate the effectiveness of their businesses to the new heights of efficient service delivery.

Our Lead Acquisition Model makes use of two types of marketing strategies:

Direct Marketing Campaigns

We devise and design direct marketing campaigns using:

  • Paid Search
  • Online Ads
  •  Email
  • Phone
  •  Event
Indirect Marketing Campaigns

Our indirect marketing drives include:

    • Organic Search
    • Channel Partners
    • Public Relations
    •  Social Media Referral Sites (Blogs, Social Networking websites, and portals)
    • Client Refer